English Language Proficiency Training

All speakers of English must demonstrate a minimum English language proficiency at ICAO Level 4 (Operational) in order to be fully licensed internationally. Air traffic personnel will be required to take a test to determine their English language proficiency according to the ICAO proficiency scale. Personnel (here: without instrument rating) will need to demonstrate ability to use the language specific to all aspects of radiotelephony communication.

This little stories about the world's worst flying student "Ding" might help to support your efforts to keep up with the english communication skills. They might even provide a better in-deep understanding of flying theory and good airmanship...

Cartoons used with permission.
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Cool towplane.

Seems to be a skilled instructor.

Actually I like this one. Think it's sort of true: once a bit experienced, you really start enjoy flying.

That's a good motivation!

There just a tiny little bit more we need to learn. Pity.

I feel so sorry for that little bird ;-)

I see it comming.


Whish this would work in reality...

All pilots sometimes behave like this ducks?

We know better! Usually...

If you have kid's, you'll understand him!

That's why we have to read back instructions on a controlled airport.

Let's fight Murphy!

There is really truth in that.

There's always an excuse not to fly... however, dont't risk anything if you are not happy with the conditions!

We usually can't do this in order to find out, if we are in trouble.

Well, indeed, at our airfield the traffic is not directed, even though some pilots sometimes ask for directions ;-)

That is, why pilots being tortured with all this phrases during BZF-classes!
At least, it's good for something!

No! A bad one! We never should try this! Never! Humans are not made for this kind of touchdown!

In this case, the phrase "Say again!" is an appropriate choice.

Ahh. I always wondered, why radio stations sometimes ask for my type of aircraft!

Situational awareness...

Never trust GARFOR